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Our Story

Wasatch Wanderers was founded in September of 2021 when Adison, our President, hosted a rescue at Weber State University in Ogden Utah to rescue abandoned pet waterfowl. 

There she met Kade Tyler. Together with a team of volunteers they were able to rescue 64 ducks and geese and place them into forever homes. 

After the rescue, Adison and Kade decided to join forces to make a change in Utah, a state that desperately needs help with its farm and exotic animals. 

Wasatch Wanderers is 100% donor funded and volunteer based.

We focus on saving farm and exotic animals that aren’t seen as your typical pet. Many of these animals are labeled as “food”, “too timid”, or “aggressive” and are unwanted or have been abandoned. Wasatch Wanderers makes it their goal to share a different perspective and show just how amazing and lovable these animals really are. 

Wasatch Wanderers is entirely foster based currently and is in the process of trying to find property that suits our needs to start a sanctuary, and looking for supporters to help make this dream a reality.

Wasatch Wanderers Board Members

About Kade Tyler

  • Co-founder and Vice President of Wasatch Wanderers
  • Rescuing and volunteering to help animals for over 10 years
  • Kade is passionate about helping animals and humans alike

About Adison Smith

  • Co-founder and President of Wasatch Wanderers
  • Has been rescuing animals for over 10 years
  • Worked in Wildlife rehabilitation in Arizona
  • Adison is passionate about helping those who cannot help themselves.