As some of you may have noticed the rescue has been posting a little less, we’ve been a little more absent. The holiday season was insane. And for me (Adison) mentally it was extremely difficult.

A fun fact no one knows about our team at WW we are all neurodivergent.

Being neurodivergent means we have to find different ways to do things that would be pretty easy for most neurotypical people.

I needed time to recoup, and reevaluate. Kade and I have built up Wasatch Wanderers through blood sweat and tears. Literally.

I’ve always wanted to incorporate mental health into this rescue and the dream I have for where we will go I cannot wait to share with you all one day.

But for now, we are going to be adding a mental health to the rescue. I am aware that this may cause us to lose followers and supporters but I’m hoping in return it will help us better support not only our animal friends but humans as well.

We hope you all welcome this change with open arms and hearts. We love you all!

Us 💛