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In the media

Wasatch Wanderers has been featured in the media several times. Check out all the articles about us below to keep up to date on what we have been doing!

A duck tale forged in tragedy and love

It’s a love story with tragic beginnings. A boy with a broken heart meets a girl who has her own tragic backstory, and together they mend their broken parts and waddle off into the distance.

Nearly 50 ducks rescued from Orem park

Over the years, people have abandoned pet ducks there. They’re feeding them, and the population keeps growing.

Why this seemingly perfect Easter gift isn’t perfect.

Urban dwellers pick up those little birds on impulse, become overwhelmed with the amount of care involved, and drop them off at a pond or park to fend for themselves.

Animal activists ask duck owners to stop dumping their pets at ponds

That may sound like a joke with a punchline just waiting to be dropped, but it’s no joke and there is no punchline. There is a difference between wild and domestic ducks, and that difference can mean life or death for hundreds if not thousands of ducks across the state this year.

Wasatch Wanderers focus on dumped ducks: ‘An issue everywhere’

Catching ducks alive in the wild isn’t always an easy task.

The birds don’t follow commands, and if they can fly, even just a little bit, they’ve got a potentially easy way to elude your grasp.

Wasatch Wanderers rescues domesticated waterfowl & overlooked animals

Wasatch Wanderers rescues and rehomes domestic waterfowl–like ducks and geese–that are often abandoned at public parks and ponds.

They also rescue other animals like pigs, goats, fish, and turtles.