Words cannot address how stressful things are here lately. One of the hardest things I find in rescue is people demanding things of you, you wish you could make happen. We have a rescue coming up in the next couple weeks, and before Christmas have plans to remove 170 birds and those are just the ones we know about. We manage to do all of our work without a property and without a huge staff. Lately it’s taking a toll.

And then there’s glimmers of hope… over the past almost eight plus years several rescue organizations and individuals have tried to get one community to allow them to help with the huge duck problem they have to no avail. We have been trying for almost two years. Wasatch Wanderers (for better or worse 🤣) doesn’t really take “no” for an answer when animals lives are at sake and we can help. So when this community announced plans to erase the ducks after we had worked tirelessly to try and help, well you could say we were not pleased. I (Adison) made it my mission to change their minds (I am not stubborn just determined lol). Anyways this looked like me driving 5 hours to have a 2 hour meeting about these ducks and getting a yes and plans to change!

We are making history, and I am so guarded about this whole thing given how they have responded in the past, and also so hopeful! 50 lives are going to be saved and so many future ones too. So why is this titled “Benefit of the doubt”? Because had we thrown our hands up and said they won’t listen, nothing works etc. these ducks would be dead this week. But if there’s two things I’m good at it’s talking, and helping people see more then one side.

This whole thing is a huge project, but we are so excited for it!

Also we will be fulfilling the “perks” you get from the patron level you chose, so keep an eye open if you get any of those as we will be messaging you to work out the details.

Thank you for staying on this wild journey with us it’s a crazy one, I can’t wait to share what we have coming up with you all!