Yesterday I met the most amazing little dude. I can only count a handful of ducks I had an instant connection with. Don’t get me wrong, I love all ducks and connect with them all differently but some I feel a special bond with. Bill is one of those beings.

I met Bill last week as I was feeding at a local pond. Bill was one of 8 at this pond and today when I went to feed he had blood coming from his right nostril. He also has a Callus in one eye. I knew I had to rescue Bill today, even though I was planning on waiting until I had more of my ducks lined up in a row for these kiddos. But like any duck who is dumped luck is never on their side, so I rescued him today. Ill be back for his friends soon.

Bill clearly had humans who loved him and handled him a lot. And while I should be thankful it makes me sad they dumped him, and fell out of love for him.

Bill was exactly what I needed tho, I’ve felt frozen, iced over lately from the pain and losses and he melted that right down.

Welcome Bill

P.S. I promise I’m smiling in this pic it’s just a weird angle!