Vulnerable post.

I’m tired. I’m rescue there is no break. My husband often tells people I work over 50 hours a week. Actually I volunteer. There’s not break in rescue. The animals weigh on your mind, the calls don’t stop.

Add your personal life into the mix, and lately things have been a down right shit show (excuse me swearing).

I’m exhausted. I just want it all to stop. Why can’t we have one week without a death? Without a plea? Without a case? Why does my life seem to collide so well when rescue is at its hardest?

I can’t take a break. It won’t help. Sure I can turn off me phone and breathe. That helps. But there is not “break” no “vacation” no “do what’s best for you”. It’s doesn’t exist once you know. Once you feel them.

I probably sound like a wacko, but if you know, you know.

I’ll be okay, I AM OKAY. I’m just feeling tired and sad. Buoy was a light in a dark place and that light is gone. Gone. There’s many other lights. And I want to be one for them, but today, this week, I cry. I mourn.

Thank you for being here. Your contributions, no matter how minuscule they may feel to you. Are tremendous to us. And a true comfort.

Thank you.