Some people just don’t and won’t take responsibility for their actions.

Like having pet hamsters and letting them breed and than putting them outside in the middle of winter with a “free hamsters sign” on the cage.

It started with 9 last night and today we have over 20, 3 had babies today.

We have 0 people who have committed to foster these babes. It’s terrifying lately, donations have almsot come to a complete stop and we are solely running on our amazing patron fam.

I’m so tired of cleaning up other people messes. But if not us who? NO ONE.

We are the only rescue in Utah right now actively taking in exotic and farm animals. THE ONLY ONE. A state with over 3.3 million people in it and it’s on us.

We don’t have a sanctuary or land and with Utahs Market right now I have no idea how we will get there. I have faith but man it’s rough.

Laws need to change. The amount of animals being abandoned, the pressure on state shelters and other non funded by the state non profits is intense but the state provides no way for this to change. They don’t enforce laws and it’s exhausting. Not only do they not enforce laws but so many officers don’t seem to even know the laws and if they don’t know it’s even a law than they aren’t enforcing it.

There are little to no regulations on anyone that isn’t a dog in a pet store.

We keep going for them. Thank you for your support, sorry for the rant.