This week was one of the hardest we have had in a while.

We have taken in so many animals and had to euthanize some due to neglect. It’s hard when you can’t save them. When you can’t undue what’s been done.

Mentally and emotionally I am exhausted and trying to work on that while still helping the animals. It’s a tricky balance. Knowing we have supporters who are rooting for us behind these scenes means more than you know.

Earlier this week we got a call about a momma rat and her friend (who is probably pregnant) and she had her babies on the shelter. They were going to be euthanized unless we agreed to get them. A several hour drive from us, we weren’t sure how we were going to pull this off without help.

Luckily an amazing person stepped up today and is making the drive for these innocents beings.

I hear a lot how awful the world is and how horrible humans are, but to be honest it’s trines like these when the amazing humans step up that keep me going even more.

💛 how cute are these naked babes? 🥰