Lately I cannot keep up with all the posts and intakes.

Honestly some animals don’t even live for more than a day with us. This here was a lizard, sweet as can be. She was pulled from the shelter and had severe reproductive disease, cancer throughout her body and was in so much pain. I didn’t even have a chance to introduce her before we had to put her down.

We spend hundreds a month of animals that people don’t even know about.

Costs are rising and it’s hard, right now it costs us about $1000 a month just to cover feed. Thousands more for vet/medical care.

We are 100% donation based. I even moved in with my parents to be able to “save” money for a physical sanc. And right now funds are not being saved as well as they should be due to lack of donors.

No one on our board gets paid. Three of us volunteer over 40 hours a week to this job each. It’s demanding. Psychically, mentally and financially. We could NOT do this without supports like you all.

So thank you. Thank you for being here. It really is the difference between making ends meet or not. 💛