We did it! Kade and I were able to catch 16 ducks by ourselves, using a tunnel and walking on our hands and knees. It was very eventful and took a couple hours, and we were out until dark.

Unfortunately some of the ducks that were there a few weeks ago were missing. I am not sure if they have been eaten, ran over etc. but in case they were in a near by tunnel that was too small someone is going to visit today and see if any ducks remain.

This was an urgent case because of the construction and the ducks not able to leave. This is the second rescue we have done where ducks needed our asap due to construction, the first ducks weren’t so lucky and citizens reached out after ducks had been killed by machinery.

We will be health checking all these ducks and placing them in to forever homes soon.

One of the ducks is injured and at the vet. He was attacked by some kind of animal. Thank you patrons for making it so we could say yes to this rescue.