I named him Bee. About 7 days ago Bee at for me for the first time, and drank. I was ecstatic, thinking maybe, just maybe he would survive. Then 3 days ago he stopped eating. I could tell he was in decline, I took him to the vet and all we could do was continue antibiotics and hope he would make a turn around.

Last night I could tell he was going to pass away. And this morning resting in one of his favorite spots he did, (No this image is not of him passed away, it’s just one of my favorites of him sleeping in his water bowl).

I’m so heartbroken. I’m so angry this happened to Bee and happens to what rescues believe to be over 90% of turtles. Neglect. Abuse. In fact reptiles are probably the most abused animals there are because research was so outdated until recent years but no one does their research.

My friend told me Bee was lucky to have me. He got to feel love, and eat fresh food and drink clean water. But what I loved the most that she said was “Bee got to see the sun”. He got to experience true light, and now he’s with the Sun. I wish you all could get to know Bee the way I did, and I plan on sharing his entire story with me on social media even though he is gone, because he deserves to be remembered.

Our Patreons, YOU, paid for all of Bees medical bills over the last month. And that means more than you know. YOU played a vital role in bees life, thank you.