I’m not going to lie. Things have been rough around here lately. At first it was call after call after call for animals in serious expensive needs and those calls have yet to stop coming. Next it was a car accident that I (Adison) was unfortunately in and working completely from my phone for the most part when I’m not in the field, and an injured hand from the said, accident left me in capable of doing much not to mention how I was doing mentally. Thankfully, with some much-needed downtime and the guidance of Doctors and medical care I have made good progress and I’m hoping to get back to our usual posting.

We’ve taken in several new faces lately, that I haven’t had a chance to introduce. One of those new faces is this sweet boy. He was found roaming the streets in the neighborhood and was doing so for at least a week. No one has come forward for him more than likely he was abandoned. However, we had our vet check him out and he is doing great.

Any ideas on what we should name him? He is a male bearded dragon.